How to Join the Club - Contact us at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    to arrange a free assessment

Assessments are carried out once a month, on Saturday mornings, at Kettering Swimming Pool.

 Children will need to have reached a minimum of Stage 5 of the ASA’s Learn To Swim Pathway in order to join the club; or be of the standard required to pass this stage.

 At the assessment morning parents/guardians will be asked to fill in a ‘New Assessment Form’ with basic information about their child and contact details.

Children will then be assessed using the objectives set out for Stage 5 to ensure that they are of this level. The objectives for the proceeding Stages (6-10) will then be used to place children into the appropriate group.

If swimmers meet the objectives for Stage 10 then they will be offered a place in our first Junior squad (Development 1).

The assessor will then complete the ‘New Assessment Form’ form by filling in the relevant information regarding the assessment outcomes. This will be passed on to the club’s Membership Secretary.

Parents/guardians and swimmers will be informed of which group the assessor believes to be appropriate and given a membership pack and a welcome pack. The membership pack contains the forms that need to be filled out and returned and the welcome pack contains some introductory information about the club.

Swimmers will then have access to 3 free sessions with the club before they make a decision about joining. The registration forms and relevant fees must be returned by the end of the 3 free sessions in order for swimmers to continue training with the club. New swimmers cannot continue to swim after their 3 free sessions have been used if they have not returned their membership pack as they are not insured to swim with the club.

All new swimmers will have their attendance recorded so that the club can track when each swimmer has used their 3 free sessions. If their membership pack has not been returned by this point then the club will contact parents/guardians to inform them that this point has been reached that their swimmer cannot attend their next session until the membership forms have been received. 

Once a membership pack has been returned these will then be processed and added onto the system. Swimmers are then members of KASC and can continue training with their new squad.

Please note that each squad has a maximum number of swimmers and if this has been reached at the time of assessment then new swimmers will be put on a waiting list. When a space becomes available swimmers will be contacted to begin their 3 free sessions.